Thursday, October 27, 2005

Felting Soap

Today was not very productive in the crochet/crafting department. I had bought some Lion Wool yarn yesterday with the intention of crocheting more mittens and felting them. I just love watching them shrink down and get all thick, fuzzy, and warm. Anyway, this yarn is really hard to work with. It kinks, knots, and splits. I might as well have used the cheap Bernat wool. The Bernat at least worked up easily and felted nicely. Live and learn, I guess.

I also ordered a felting needle and block plus some wool roving for felting. I stumbled across a website that sells all that good stuff, plus had instructions for felting over a bar of soap. Yeah, I went "huh?" too. You basically take a bar of soap and wrap it in wool roving, wet it, rub it with your hands and/or a net bag until the wool shrinks down into a tight felt covering over the soap. People sell these for $5 to $10 a bar. I ordered the wool to give it a try. I can alway sell them on Ebay, especially when it gets closer to Christmas. I ordered a pound of wool, so that should make a lot of soap covers! The soap stays in its cover and you use it like a washcloth. The felt shrinks down as the soap gets smaller too. I'm finding felting totally fascinating and have added some books about the craft to my Christmas wish list. I sure hope Santa appreciates his nice warm wool FELT suit this year and brings me some books! :)


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