Monday, December 05, 2005

Yarn you love to hate....

Shield your eyes!Is there a yarn that you bought and hated after you brought it home? Maybe the texture was too rough or the color wasn't exactly as it looked in the store. What yarn have you had a love/hate relationship with? :)

Mine was three huge skeins of hot pink (and I mean NEON hot pink!) Red Heart yarn. I don't even know why I bought them except for the fact that they were ON SALE! I took this yarn home and then had to put it away because it was so bright it nearly blinded me. I didn't have anything special in mind when I bought it, just another spur-of-the-moment yarn purchase, and oh yeah, it was ON SALE!

This fall our church started a cap and mitten drive, so I started crocheting for that. I was lining up my colors when I came across the hot pink neon yarn. It said "kids, kids!"---really loud. Yet I didn't want to blind any moms and dads, because how in the world could they look after their little darlin's if they were without sight? Then I thought, "At least they would never lose their kids in the store. These hats would be the equivalent of those neon antenna-like plastic sticks that kids all had sticking up on the back of their bikes in the 70s and 80s"

I made a few hats out of the yarn, with mittens to match. Then I made a few cone hats and used the pink in the striping. There were still two skeins left when the church drive was over. It was a good thing it was over, because the neon pink had almost burned out my eyeballs by then. So I put it away once more.

A couple of weeks ago my 14-year-old niece, Ashley, came to spend the weekend with us. I keep the yarn that I'm going to use soon in a large trunk in the living room. The rest of it is upstairs in the storeroom in a couple of plastic totes. Well, a few totes.....okay, a whole lot of totes. If you go back a couple of entries, there is a picture of the trunk.

I hadn't yet taken the hot pink yarn back upstairs but had tried instead to hide it under a bunch of my other yarn. When my niece saw the trunk and opened it, you'd have thought she'd found the lost Incan gold. And then she saw it....that cursed yarn....and squealed like a....well, like a very excited 14-year-old girl. She clutched those two skeins to her chest and turned to me and asked, "Can you please make me something with this yarn? Hot pink is my favorite color!"

Halleluya! I can't spell halleluya very well but I know when I've found the deal of the year. We picked out a pattern from my pattern folder....well, one of my pattern folders....okay, I've got about as many pattern folders as I do yarn totes...I can;t help myself when it comes to yarns and's an addiction, I tell ya!

Anyway, she picked out a shawl for me to crochet with her lovely pink yarn. I started it that day and finished it just before she had to go home. That beautiful, bright, wonderful neon hot pink yarn looked fabulous when done up in a shawl and draped on the shoulders of my favorite (at least she is now) gorgeous niece. My only regret is that I failed to take any pictures of Ashley in her finery. But I did hear that her dad tipped over backwards in his rocking chair when she came in the door wearing it.

I still have one huge (they're really humungus) (see, I still can't spell) skein of the hot pink yarn. I'm not sure what I should do with it, but I've got an idea. I'm involved with a crochet round robin that is going around through the mail and it hasn't gotten to me yet. I wonder how big the box is....

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