Wednesday, February 15, 2006


The Olympics have been going for what...five days now? I'm making slow progress on the socks. This is a harder pattern than it looked when I first started (aren't they all?) and I have to be really careful, because this yarn shows up every mistake. I've had to frog a few rounds because I goofed up and it didn't show for a couple of rounds, until it got out from under the needles.
Here is what I've gotten done so far.

Socks in progress

When I remembered yesterday that my niece's baby is due in only a week, I had to abandon the socks for a few days and get busy on the baby stuff. I'm working on a baby hoodie now. I crocheted the body but when I started the sleeves I noticed that this stitch pattern is probably too open for sleeves. I could just imagine little baby fingers getting caught on the way into the sleeves. So I decided to knit the sleeves. I'm not sure if that was a good idea or if I should frog the body and knit the whole thing. I wish I had some readers so I could get another opinion!
Here is the hoodie in progress.
Baby hoodie pieces
And one of the sleeves.
Baby hoodie partial sleeve

We also have a new baby at our house.

Poor birdie has no name!
We've had him for a week and can't come up with a name that we can all agree on. So I decided that since I bought him, I would just go ahead and name him too. I would if I could only think of a name! :) Any ideas?

Back to the knitting/crocheting! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to have a bird that looked exactly like him when I was a child. I named him Rock, but I don't remember why now :)

9:30 PM  
Blogger Stephanie Hastings said...

I have a cockateil, I call him "Beed". They are great birds. Is this your first one?

7:11 AM  
Anonymous Jennifer in KY said...

He looks like an Oscar to me. Don't know why, but it's the first name I thought of when I saw his pic. But then, I have dogs named Lois, Becky, Teddy and Junior....

11:42 AM  

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