Friday, February 24, 2006

Watch where you step

This knitting and crochet Olympics is gonna kill me! On Wednesday I was going to the city to buy more yarn for the baby layette for the crochet Olympics. I was also supposed to buy a new tire for the van to replace the one that I ran flat a couple of months ago (yes, I have been running without a spare tire). I was in the van ready to go when I remembered my crocheting and ran back into the house to get it. On my way out, I slipped on the icy step and fell onto the bottom step. Oh. Wow. The pain. My shoulder felt as if it had been torn apart. I managed to get back in the van and headed to the city, but this time to go to the clinic to get my shoulder checked. Yep, it's broke. I fractured the scapula (shoulderblade). I have to wear a brace that keeps my left arm down by my side. Life lesson learned? Watch where you step and don't be in such a ding-danged hurry!

I did discover that if I free my left hand from its restraining strap, I can still knit. It's been slow going but I've been picking away at my socks over the last couple of days. One tip....knitting with tiny sock yarn from a chart while on Vicoden do not go together! I'm sure there are more little mistakes than I've been able to see but I'm stubborn that way and am determined not to let a little sock beat me (okay, two socks, but one almost done). We'll see if I get done on time.

I finished the layette for the crochet Olympics. Woot!

Yeah, the blanket and the sweater, booties and hat are made out of different yarns. I had to use what I had on hand. Remember, I never made it to the yarn store. I had already bought the yarn for the blanket, Jiffy yarn in a pastel print (can you tell I lost the label?). The blanket is edged with a short-furred Yarn Bee baby yarn. The sweater was crocheted from some worsted weight baby colored yarn that also has the label missing. I had looked at about a million sweater patterns but not one of them was done the way I wanted, so I just started crocheting until a sweater came out of the hook. It looks to be a little on the small size, but I didn't have a baby hanging around to measure. I just hope Amanda's baby isn't a 12-pounder! :) The cap and booties were crocheted from a baby weight Red Heart yarn. Done, Done, Done, and DONE!

As for the socks, one is just about to the heel, but I'm working on the gusset of the other one, so there is still hope there. This picture was taken during the creation of the heel, so you see no gusset yet. I think there should be a ceremony for when a person gets a heel turned without strangling their family for talking to them and making them loose count. There should be a medal too. And a cash prize...a large cash prize! :)

Everything is going as well as can be expected from a hurting, Vicoden-stoned, running-out-of-sock-yarn Hookermama. More progress reports later.


Blogger sara said...

roflmao!!! you are sure taking your misfortune with alot of humor

9:28 PM  
Blogger NS said...

Wow, sorry about your mishap and injured shoulder. Good for you for soldiering on with your knitting. All your projects look great. Feel better soon!

12:26 PM  

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