Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Little project

My gosh, didn't December fly by? It seems like the older we get the faster time flies, especially when you have a ton of things to get done before Christmas.

I crocheted on Christmas gifts right up until a couple of hours before we left for hubby's parents house on Christmas eve. I think MIL really liked her gift, which was an afghan and matching pillow crocheted from Homespun and Thick & Quick Chenille yarns, both from Lion Brand. I also got the pattern off the Lionbrand website. Crochet striped throw and pillow
Lots of work but well worth it in the end.

You know what my favorite project is out of all the items I've crocheted in the last two months? It's not the matching afghans for Diana and her new hubby.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

It's not the fancy purse for my niece that I labored over for days.
made from wool and Red Heart TrellisCome closer, my pretty! *cackle*No it's not a real quarter. It's just a button.
It's not even the hoody that I knit from TLC Amore yarn for Shelly, which took four months to make (with cooling-off breaks).
Finally finished!

No, it was a little project that was completed just last night. It was inspired by this:
Now I'm a bag lady!
A small gift bag that I've been using to keep my present project in (as long as it isn't too big). I like that it's fairly small (8 x 10 x 4-1/2") but deep enough to fit everything I need inside. If I want to take my current project with me somewhere, I just grab it and go. But the bag was getting worn and torn in a couple of places and I didn't want to risk losing anything, so I crocheted and felted this:
cute & fuzzyfrom wool yarn I had dyed and didn't really like how the colors had turned out.
I had been having problems keeping the openings of bags from flaring out when I felted them, but one of my Christmas gifts from Diana helped.
Felt your heart out!
I read in the book that if you are felting something that has an opening, like a purse or tote bag, to baste the opening closed before felting. This helps it keep the shape you originally crocheted without stretching it out. It worked beautifully! And the crocheted bag even had the exact same measurements as the paper bag it was modeled after....a first for me! :)

So that's my favorite Christmas (or near Christmas) project for this year.

Happy New Year everyone!!


Blogger Mimi said...

Wow, you're projects are marvelous and most especially the fancy purse!

2:16 AM  

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