Saturday, February 11, 2006

Knitting Olympics

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Oh my...I may have to change my Blogger name. Yes, it finally happened--I have gone over to the dark side....knitting. Don't gasp and hide your eyes, missy! Our knitting sisters are not the ogres we have made them out to be. They are instead kind, helpful, and loving earth mothers. Well, they let me into their midst, so that should answer any questions you've got about knitters!
The Yarn Harlot

I've joined the knitting Olympics that started yesterday with the lighting of the Olympic fire in Torino. I will knit a pair of socks from a very difficult pattern called "Almost Argyle" that I got at Knit Picks. When I say difficult, I mean relative difficulty for me, as the pattern calls for a twisted Latvian edge and knitting from a chart, both of which I've never done before. Both socks are now on the needles with about an inch done on each one. I've tried to knit socks with the two circular needles method but just ended up with a tangled mess. I did get one pair of socks knit but almost quit after the first sock was finished, so that is the reason for doing both at once.

Oh, my first pair of socks? Here's one of them.
Ain't it purty!

And the socks I'm knitting now. I got the Latvian twisted edge on the first try! Image hosting by Photobucket
Please excuse the fuzzy picture. I just got a new digital camera (Anniversary gift from hubby!) and haven't figured it all out yet.
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Well, it's a beginning anyway. Plus I've still got 15 days to go until the deadline, but I have a feeling I'm going to need every one of them!


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