Saturday, February 25, 2006

I finished!

I can't believe it...I finished with time to spare! Not much time, but some. That last sock seemed to take forever, but it actually went a lot faster than the first one, since I had done the pattern once already. There was only about 16 inches of yarn left from two balls when I finished...that's cutting it a little close! I put them on and took a couple of pictures of them, and here they are!

I had my left foot cocked up and my right foot cocked down trying to see which would show off the diamond pattern best. Neither one does apparently. The socks are busy right now being blocked but I will post more pics later when they're done with their spa treatment.

Right now I'm happy, exhausted, sore, hungry, tired, and need a shower but can't have one for two more weeks....peeyew! I can take sponge baths though. :) So....I am off to let hubby give me one. ;)


Blogger Mel said...

Hi, you commented on my blog a few months back, and I've been reading yours ever since. There's a "blogtagging" game going around right now, where if you're tagged you should tell six interesting things about yourself. So, tag, you're it :).

8:19 AM  
Blogger Justine said...

Lovely Socks, great job!! I'm knitting my first socks ever, it's challenging but fun. I hope to be able to finish it... :-)

10:58 AM  

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